At Gradus we work closely with many different industry bodies to ensure that we develop products that not only meet the demands of our customers in terms of functionality and performance, but that also help to create inclusive environments in line with building standards, guidance and the latest industry research. Working with these industry bodies, we have put together some really informative videos with footage provided by experts representing some of these organisations. The footage covers all aspects of specifying stair nosings – from slip-resistance and stair design through to colour selection with visual contrast.

We have views from:

  • Mike Roys from BRE covering the research undertaken on the use of stair nosings on non-domestic stairs
  • Steve Thorpe from the Health & Safety Laboratory (advisors to the HSE) talking about slip hazards and how to avoid them
  • Geoff Cook of Reading University – well known for his work on visual contrast with Project Rainbow
  • Marilyn Sturgeon of NCS explaining contrast and design and how colours can be selected to meet the standards

Create Safe Stairs with XT Stair Nosings

Video showcasing the features & benefits of the Gradus XT range of stair nosings. Latest guidance from Approved Document M & K of the Building Regulations 2010, BS 8300-2:2018 & BRE (Information Paper IP15/03 Proprietary nosings for non-domestic stairs) contain best practice guidelines aimed at ensuring buildings are accessible to all users and safe to use.

Mike Roys – Expert View

Mike Roys is a principal consultant at the BRE (formerly known as the Building Research Establishment). He was involved in the research that resulted in the publication of the information paper (ref IP15/03) entitled “Proprietary nosings for non-domestic stairs”. In this video Mike provides an overview and summary of the key findings of this research. Visit for additional information.

Create Safe Stairs – Step 1

Steve Thorpe – Expert View

Steve Thorpe is a Principal Scientist and Robert Shaw is from the pedestrian safety team that focuses on slips. Both work at the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL). Their video concentrates on slips and trips on stairs and how good step design can reduce the risk of accidents. Further information on their work can be found on

Create Safe Stairs – Step 2

Geoff Cook – Expert View

Dr Geoff Cook is a Associate Professor at the University of Reading and a member of the group that conducted the research entitled Project Rainbow, which resulted in the publication of “Colour and Contrast – A design guide for the use of colour and contrast to improve built environments for visually impaired people”. In this Video Dr Cook provides an overview of Project Rainbow and the findings. For further information visit

Create Safe Stairs – Step 3

Marilyn Sturgeon – Expert View

Marilyn Sturgeon is the Director of the Natural Colour System (NCS). NCS is a user friendly colour language and is used by professionals as a tool for precise colour communication, selection and specification. In this video Marilyn talks about how visual contrast does not have to result in limited design options and how colour can be used to create aesthetically pleasing as well as safe and accessible, environments, especially in relation to stair edgings. Further information can be found at

Create Safe Stairs – Step 3